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my story

Patrick Miller woodworker and owner of Willowdale Woodworks in Kennett Square Pennsylvania

My story has a common thread; a genuine love for working with my hands. 


Prior to woodworking, all my time and energy was devoted into home renovations.  Nothing more pleasing than making a space new again.  It started for myself, then I partnered with a friend and we built a solid business providing high-quality projects for high-quality clients.  That chapter closed when my friend and his family moved to another state. 


It was then I knew I had the perfect opportunity to follow my heart and go all-in on woodworking.  A lifetime journey to become a fine craftsman by taking on projects that challenge me to think creatively; to grow and hone the skills required of traditional woodworking; and to strive for the highest of quality in all my work. 


Everyday I stay focused on these goals.  Building Willowdale Woodworks one satisfied client at a time.  With the type of clients that understand and appreciate what it takes to create handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces.

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